We are Gladiators for Homeless Families

If you wanted to be a Gladiator in a suit, here is what you would be subjected to if you wanted to be a Gladiator for Olivia Pope:

Thankfully, you do not have to through all that to become a Gladiator for Homeless Families!

Why are we Gladiators for Homeless Families?

We have known families who have lost their homes due to fires, unemployment, and illness. As Gladiators for Homeless Families, we use humor and education to battle this terrible, public tragedy. We don’t believe that homelessness should be an American way of life.

We Support FamilyPromise.org

To us, the local organizations of Family Promise that work tirelessly to correct the damage that homelessness inflicts on individuals, and on society, are our heroes.

The local organizations of Family Promise believe that keeping the family together as they struggle to overcome homelessness is a core element to their success.

Helping a family to overcome the despair of homelessness is an amazing feat to achieve, wouldn’t you say? It’s harder than leaping buildings in a single bound. Such a feat is beyond mere mortals. That’s why the good people of the Family Promise organization need armies of Gladiators to help them execute this worthy cause.

Join us. Be a Gladiator. Support Family Promise and Help Move Families out of Homelessness.

We have made it extremely easy for you to be a Gladiator for Homeless Families. The Gold Seal Group in alliance with the Allied Exchange are designing “Spare-A-Share” campaigns to help homeless families throughout the United States. By just sharing awareness of the homelessness problem in America on social media, you will be generating funds for Family Promise. Simple, eh? Simply awesome, we say.

So, remember to keep happiness in your heart.

Engage with our Gladiator assistant on our site to wage war on homelessness. “Spare-A-Share” to help a homeless family back into a safe home today!

Thanks for engaging!