Operating a business is like riding a two wheeler

I never thought about it before, but operating a business is like riding a two wheeler. A lot of mechanisms and systems have to work together in order for the vehicle to perform.

To operate your vehicle, like operating a business, you have to develop some skills to get it moving, keep it stable, steer it around obstacles and keep it in shape, yes? But, the resources and skills to use this….

Photo by Misael Moreno on Unsplash

…are very different from this:

Photo by Ruslan Bardash on Unsplash

Remember the first voyage when the training wheels came off? The effort it took to make the thing move forward without wobbling? The terror felt when you had to change direction, the thrill when it started to go faster, and the relief when disasters where avoided? What knowledge is needed to safely navigate?

To , you will have to develop skills, will surely hit some bumps, but you will learn from experience as you take heed from others. With persistence and perseverance, you will eventually learn to navigate and negotiate the way to arrive at your desired destination.

The bottom line is:

Your mindset is driving you.

So, what kind of vehicle do you want to drive? How fast do you want to go? How much effort are you willing to put in to it begins with your mindset. Focus on improving your mindset to improve your life, but most of all, enjoy the journey.

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